Sabtu, 29 Mei 2010

Facebook?? Boycot Until My Last Breath!!

A : Facebook?
B : Boring!!

A : Facebook?
B : Lot of propanganda

A : Facebook?
B : Boycot Until my last breath...

A : Facebook?
B : Stop Facebook!!!

It seems like nothing is going right for Facebook at this time. In addition to the privacy havoc, user complaints and a movie ridiculing its founder, Facebook is now facing a complete country-wide ban in Pakistan. The order to ban Facebook came from a Pakistani Highcourt when Facebook failed to take an initiative in acting against a controversial group that invited people to draw Mohammad’s cartoons.

Interestingly, the group inviting people to draw cartoons only has 42,000 members while the group that is asking Facebook to take action against this has 58,000 members. This however, has failed to get Facebook’s attention. After lots of protests and boycott-Facebook campaigns online, people also gathered on the streets of Pakistan to push Facebook for an action. When disappointed, users appealed the Government to intervene and as a result the ban was issued.

No more I want to say.. Frusted!!!

Check it out!!!

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